Experienced & Knowledgeable

Mission Statement:  

The company’s mission has always been to supply architectural sheet metal,  gutter and rain accessories  for small to medium sized roofing and metal building contractors—filling their sheet metal needs.



Product Line

ADVANCED Architectural offers architectural sheet metal products at the most reasonable prices.  Our product line ranges from commercial-sized gutters, downspouts and accessories as well as other architectural sheet metal products.  With 98% of our products made-to-order and manufactured in-house, we had to simplify our online catalog.  If you require something specific, please give us a call U.S. toll-free at (877) 756-4890 or directly at (231)-861-0050.

Meeting Contractor Needs


We are proud to offer our customers a good product at a fair price. When we fabricate for you, you can decrease inventory and reduce man-hours in fabrication—maximizing your profits.  ADVANCED Architectural has been meeting the needs of contractors nationwide for many years.  We also believe you don’t have to be a large manufacturer to provide quality products with professional, consistent customer service.

We care about our products, we care about our customers, we care how we perform today, tomorrow, and into the future.  Our combined years of experience in sheet metal are reflected throughout our company.  Our dedicated workforce will provide you with the service you have come to expect.  At ADVANCED Architectural, we take pride in what we do—and how we do it!  Our success says we’re doing it right—we look forward to doing it right for you!

Experienced & Knowledgeable

IMG_0662ADVANCED Architectural Sheet Metal was established to provide an affordable way for roofing and metal building contractors to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.  We’ve put together our combined years of experience to create quality commercial strength products made to be “user friendly” for easy installation, as well as fabricated to your specifications.

Our time spent in the field has allowed us to create a product that is truly “workable” for installation, providing a significant increase in the standard man hours required for the job.

We continually work with our customers to determine which products will best meet the customers’ needs.  When it comes to product knowledge, fabrication, quality control, packaging and shipping, there is simply no substitute for experience.  Our customers get consistent quality sheet metal products available without paying premium prices, thus increasing profitability and improving cash flow.
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Before You Bid

Before you bid your next job, call ADVANCED Architectural for a quote.  Reduce man hours—have the right material on hand before starting a job. When it comes to product knowledge, fabrication, quality control, packaging and shipping, there is simply no substitute for experience.

Product Resource Guide

ADVANCED Architectural Sheet Metal is proud to present our Product Resource Guide,  which is an information filled binder or a file we can email, to help you determine exactly what you need for your job.  After you measure out your job, consult the Resource Guide, and then Call Us.  Our estimators will work with you to determine which products will best meet your needs.  You’ll get the best, most consistent sheet metal products available without paying premium prices, increasing your profitability and improving your cash flow.  Contact us  231-861-0050 to receive a copy of the Product Resource Guide.